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Customer Story

A Leading HK-based Manufacturer

Invoice Processing Automation

Automating invoice handling to achieve operational efficiency

Retail, Manufacturing

Invoice Processing, Account Payable Operations, Data Entry

Invoice Processing Automation

Business Need

Heavy manual efforts were required to skim through a large batch of invoices sent from suppliers to extract key data and create invoice records in the system. This repetitive and time-consuming process gave rise to expensive labor costs and operational inefficiency for the manufacturing company.

Our Solution

Ai-Knowie digitalizes and captures data from key fields like business name, invoice number and due date, etc. Utilizing robotic process automation (RPA) technology and machine learning, the invoice processing work is fully automated with minimized manual intervention – exceptions like missing data will trigger notifications for human workers to follow up with.

Business Impacts

By automating the accounts payable operations, the customer has hugely reduced manual efforts and operational costs with hugely shortened invoice processing time. Given data is automatically updated in the system once invoices are processed, real-time insights into its payment process and financial status become available promptly for better transparency.

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